Wholesome Endeavors

Hannah Koschak, RDN, CD

Founder of Wholesome Endeavors

I started my career in a clinical setting and helped patients manage disease such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, and GI surgeries. I learned that when patients received a new diagnosis, they suddenly then, wanted to learn how to get their health back.

My passion is to help you value your health enough to care about preventing disease. I created Wholesome Endeavors to be an unbiased resource in the community and on your health journey.

I consistently witness the struggle people have to lose weight while the mixed messages society and social media convey are misleading to the definition of 'healthy'. I genuinely care about helping you avoid the yo-yo dieting, put the focus back on your health, all while enjoying the journey. It's possible - I, myself, have had my own journey with improving my relationship with food and having a new mindset about my health.

The only time in my life I was significantly overweight was when I let society tell me how to look and I only cared about my weight - not my health.

Outside of my passion for health and nutrition, I love my time with my two young boys and husband. I'm sure to celebrate something every chance I get. Because life is about enjoying the journey!


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