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Individual Counseling

This option is perfect for you if you are lazor focused on reaching you health goals whether that is weight loss, disease prevention or maintenance, diet modification, or plant-based eating. Hannah will spend an initial 60 minute consult getting to know your health background and specific nutrition concerns. You will leave the consult with a plan for care, some education towards your health goals, and a sense of hope and empowerment. If you are not local, Hannah does offer consultations online via Zoom. Wholesome Endeavors is located at Northwoods Therapy Associates in Altoona, WI.

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Option #1: $199

This option is a great kick-start for someone looking for a healthier lifestyle and a new eating pattern to get you on the fast track to reaching your goals.

Includes a 60 minute initial consult with two 30 minute follow-ups and unlimited email support.

Option #2: $389

Are you needing accountability, closer monitoring with your disease, or in depth education, let's get a plan rolled out that will ensure you'll see progress over time.

Includes a 60 minute initial consult with six 30 minute follow-ups and unlimited email support.

Option #3: $559

Do you have ongoing hurdles in your life that keep you from being consistent? Do you have big goals that take mindset work and clear recommendations? This package is for someone that needs ongoing clinical monitoring, someone that needs close accountability for a big lifestyle change, or someone that has tried everything for change but can't seem to get there? Let's start here.

This life-changing offer includes a 60 minute consult, six 60 minute follow-ups, complimentary grocery store tour, and unlimited email support.

Option #4:

If you're just starting your journey and unsure of what that looks like,  you may consider working together on a more sporadic basis. 

Initial 60 minute consult: $125

30-minute follow-ups: $75

60-minute follow-up: $100