Hannah Koschak, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

How many times have you said, "I know what I need to do to be healthier, I just have to do it"?

Wholesome Endeavors (WE) mends the gap between knowing and doing, by empowering you with education. WE helps you develop a healthy relationship with food, clarify the confusion of 'what's healthy', and enjoy the journey with your health. Let's start now! 

About Wholesome Endeavors (WE)

"Hannah has opened my eyes in so many ways when it comes to foods and nutrition. I have been on every diet known to man and nothing has lasted for me. I was either on a “diet” or “off” and it was a vicious cycle. Hannah has taught me so much about what foods have nutrition and how to overcome the mindset to ‘lose weight’. I am eating such a wide variety of foods and loving them! I’ve actually lost weight without really trying. Honestly, if you are sick of being on a diet (or off one), Hannah is your girl! Her program is amazing and very effective. I can’t thank Hannah enough for changing my life by improving my gut health, my mindset with food and eating, and feeling the best I’ve ever felt." 

-Samantha, client in Empower Your Health.

The meaning of endeavors: "Try hard to achieve something, apply oneself, do one's best, do one's utmost, give one's all." When it comes to reaching your health goals and aspirations, tell me, does this resonate with you?


The mission is to meet you where you're at on you're journey with health and empower you with nutrition education that is going to give you confidence in your food choices and yourself. 

WE can help you improve your understanding of nutrition in a positive and practical way through:

 Online nutrition coaching

In-studio events

Work site presentations

 Food Demos/Recipes

"I loved every second of our hour together. You just have the best, most positive attitude toward food and eating, and I feel more positive already.  YAY!! I don't feel overwhelmed or anything, but I do feel I have a distinct path to follow (at least to start with). Thank you for being really concrete for me and with your suggestions, and thank you for the support and kind words." -Kris

Let WE be your stepping stone to grow your passion for disease prevention and get the education you deserve to keep your family healthy for generations to come.

Hannah comes from a clinical setting helping people manage her disease. Hannah quickly realized there is a gap for people to learn how to prevent disease.

After all, shouldn't healthy eating be eating for your health?

Hannah helps people with their mindset to create change in their lifestyle and rid their resurfacing bad habits. She offers a new perspective that gets education across in a relatable, genuine, non-judgmental manner. Her passion is to help people that struggle with their health journey and empower them to feel confident and to live healthy without being on a 'program' or a 'diet'. Dietitians specialize in many areas, and certainly, not all dietitians have a passion for nutrition (yes, this is true). Hannah is 100% committed to contributing to a healthier community and advocating for a healthier you. Hannah looks forward to serving you with her main focus to take the pressure off 'dieting' and how to improve your relationship with food by putting the spotlight on education in your natural element.


Always enjoy the journey.

Services Offered

Supporting Your Success

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My clients ask all the time that I come cook for them. Often, a barrier for people are understanding which recipes are healthy and why. This club will help you start cooking healthy for you and your family with tried and true plant-forward recipes. Click to learn more!

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Are you looking for unbiased nutrition education, simplify and clarify healthy eating, accountability to help you meet your goals? Then you're ready to learn how to making healthy eating a lifestyle and enjoyable while making change last. Now is the time to start our journey together.

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Have you met with a dietitian that didn't leave you feeling empowered, inspired, or educated? The Registered Dietitians at Wholesome Endeavors thrive on helping you change your lifestyle to fit YOU and helping you enjoy the journey. Learn more.


Aiming to serve the community in as many ways as I can, I offer many  ways of outreach including presentations, guest speaking, Lunch n' Learns, and more.

Secret to Change? Stop listening to the weight stigma by society and start loving you.

Society is steering us in a direction of comparison, negative self-talk, and constant questioning of self-worth. Hannah believes that healthy eating should not support being defined by your weight. It should prove your self- worth to yourself.

Hannah lives and breathes nutrition and enjoys educating people how to incorporate more plant-based foods in their diet for maximum disease prevention. There is a lot of misleading information out there and it is no wonder why people are constantly confused with recommendations. Hannah follows the research and conveys it to you in an easy to understand way. She also helps you with ideas for implementation of new foods, resources to reference, and provides you with a lot of contentment that you are going in the right direction with your health.

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